The heat of the sauna and Turkish bath, give the body an ideal relaxation, to prepare him for a massage with hot oil, adding an aroma makes reaching a physical and mental pleasure, which will be completed with whirlpool bath with scented salts, reaching the maximum of wellbeing and relaxation. Welcome Tea Sauna Treatments


The lymphatic massage ayurvedic treatment is a "slow", which is performed with oil and pumping specific maneuvers and touch wonder to the body, relaxation, and at the same time, improves the blood and lymphatic circulation. You will immediately feel, regenerate your body and your tensions will disappear by the minute. Treatments Welcome Tea ayurvedic massage lymphatic


The scrub makes the skin soft body, eliminating all the "dead" cells on the surface. The body will be wrapped, by hot oil, combined with specific massage techniques in order to donate inner relaxation and exterior brightness, which will be completed to the face with a regenerating mask. Treatments Welcome Tea Body Scrub Massage and Body Oil